Screen Protectors

Armorvisor & Extreme Shock Eliminator screen protection


X-ONE Screen Protectors for Samsung and iPhone. We have protected over 20 million devices around the world with our military guard technology since 2011. Keep your device safe and protected with the world's toughest screen protector.

Ultra Crystal Clear for Curved Phones
X.ONE Armorvisor Screen Protector (3rd Generation)
X-one Confidential
Extreme Shock Eliminator
*From Kshs 2,499 .00

Dropguard Cases


Open your iPhone in style with an X-ONE leather or transparent phone case or cover. A phone cover protects your device from knocks, drops, scratches and is specifically designed for iPhones.

Dropguard 2.0
X-ONE Dropguard
*From Kshs 2,199 .00

X-ONE Ultra Cables

Probably the last cable you'll ever need


The X-ONE Ultra Cable is the world's toughest cable and supports both IOS and Android devices. X-ONE Ultra Braided Cables offer USB to Mini USB or lightning connectors. Strong enough to pull a Hilux!

3.0M Ultra Cable (For Apple)MFi
3.0M Ultra Cable (Type-C)
3.0M Ultra Cable (Micro USB)
1.5M Ultra Cable (Micro USB)
1.5M Ultra Cable (Type-C )
1.5M Ultra Cable (For Apple)MFi
*From Kshs 1,499 .00